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Birth name : Alison King
Date of birth : 3 March 1973
Place of birth:  Leicester, England, UK
Nickname:  Alison

Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)


"I was a very ugly child, I looked like a monkey. So many things, personally and workwise. I got into feature films, action and comedy. I worked with some great actors and directors, the funniest being Paul Whitehouse and Chris Langham on the series Help, it has all been great fun."

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Alison King Biography -

Alison King (born 3 March 1973 in Leicester) is an English actress best known for her role as Lynda Block in the Sky One television series Dream Team and currently as Carla Connor in Coronation Street. Television and film star Alison King is best known for her roles as Lynda Block in the British series Dream Team and Carla Connor in the long-running soap opera Coronation Street. She has also had international expoisure, appearing in the U.S. filmShanghai Nights. King is regarded a British sex symbol as well as an accomplished televion actress in her own right.

Born March 3, 1973 in Leicester, England, King had early aspirations; she played young Millie Webster on Coronation Street at the tender age of just nine. King's career halted briefly, and as an adult she worked in a dental office, but it wasn't long before the young beauty returned to acting.King's television career revived with several appearances in Brookside, a soap opera that took place in Liverpool, England. Her stint with Brookside was followed by another English soap, Emmerdale; she made appearances in the well-known series in 1993-1994 and again in 1997. 

She has also made appearances in a series of well known recurring television adverts for Daz. During her break from working on Dream Team, she worked on several projects abroad including a role as an extra in the US hit film Shanghai Knights working alongside stars such as Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, supporting major roles such as BBC comedy-drama Help, video film Submerged and theatrical film Final Contract: Death on Delivery.

Over the next several years, King continued to obtain acting work in small but frequent parts. During this period King made a guest appearance in the drama Mile High, playing Nigel Croker's wife, and in Coupling (Series II--"The Man with Two Legs"), a sitcom. In 1998, Alison achieved her greatest success to date and the one that would raise her to sex-kitten status: the role of Lynda Block in the television series Dream Team, which aired on Sky One. The character cast King in a beguiling light as the sexy chief executive of the fictional Harchester United football (soccer) team. Alison's character of Lynda Block is noted as being one of the longest-running roles on the show, with an impressive 230 episodes.

She made a guest appearance in the final episode of Mile High playing Nigel Croker's wife, and was featured in Coupling in the Series 2 episode The Man with Two Legs, as Chrissy, an attractive woman with whom Jeff Murdock becomes infatuated on his morning train ride. She also appeared in Emmerdale briefly in 1993, 1994 and 1997 where her character was also called Carla. This Carla was one of Frank Tate's nannies who worked at home farm and also appeared at Frank's funeral.

Alison's Dream Team exposure brought her wider recognition. She appeared in the U.S. film Shanghai Nights alongside actors Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in 2003. Though she was cast only as an extra, this international exposure helped garner respect for the actress and broadened her portfolio. She kept busy with recurring Daz soap television ads, supporting roles in the comedy-drama Help and in the films Submerged and Final Contract: Death on Delivery. 

The work continued to roll in, and in 2006 King appeared in two independent films, Save Angel Hope and Back in Business. Then, in December of of the same year, Alison returned to Coronation Street, this time in a much more prominent role. King's character, Carla Connor, was popular among viewers and spotlighted King's talents as a dramatic actress. Her involvement in the respected series, which has been on the air since 1960 and is considered the gold standard of British soaps, coupled with her earlier work on Dream Team, has made King a household name.

She played one of the prominent roles for two independent films, Save Angel Hope and Back in Business which are due to release in cinemas late 2006. She was cast as Carla Connor on the popular serial UK drama Coronation Street and made her first appearance in this role on 1 December 2006. She has also appeared in another role in Coronation Street in 2004 when she apparently bedded her builder Charlie Stubbs,actor Bill Ward.

Currently unmarried, Ms. King was briefly engaged to fellow Dream Team actor Jim Alexander; however, the couple announced their split in 2007. King is modest about her public popularity and her sex-symbol status. "I was a very ugly child," she is quoted as having insisted. "I looked like a monkey."

In 2006 King got engaged to fellow actor Jim Alexander who co-starred in several series of Dream Team with her, as well as TV adverts for Daz detergent; however the pair split up in early 2007. She is now dating a Coronation Street sound technician called Adam Huckett.

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